Megan & So Soft Sundance My Little Pony Vintage G1 Set


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony set is Megan and So Soft Sundance from Year 4. It comes with Megan, So Soft Sundance, and the original body sticker. This set is a slightly different version of Megan and Sundance than the set released in Year 3

This version has Sundance as a flocked So Soft Pony. Her human friend, Megan, wears a white dress with miniature purple flowers and dark pink trim.

Megan has blue eyes and long blonde hair. She's missing her shoes, but wears white panties under her dress. Her arms and legs are poseable and her legs are flexible and rubbery so she can ride on top of Sundance or other ponies. 

Sundance's white flocking is severely yellowed and is worn off in many places - around her hooves, on the back of her legs, on her mouth and ears. Her mane and tail are both frizzy on the ends and may have been trimmed.

The set also comes with the original body sticker, but the sticker has lots of fuzz and lint stuck on the back. It's marked "1986 Hasbro."

Condition: Used, vintage

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