Lady LovelyLocks Doll with Dress & Pixietails


$45.00 USD 

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This vintage Lady LovelyLocks doll is Lady LovelyLocks herself, she comes with her original dress and three Pixietails hair clips. She has blue eyes and blonde hair with colorful streaks in it.

Lady LovelyLocks has bunny Pixietails, which may or may not be the ones she originally came with. One is pink with pink, purple and yellow hair, one is purple with blue and purple hair, and one is peach with peach and yellow hair.

Lady LovelyLocks is missing her shoes and her legs have become sticky with age. Her legs also have some areas of splotchy discoloration, as shown in the last photo. This is a common problem for these dolls as the plastic ages, but will be hidden underneath her dress when she's on display.

Her hair is smooth and silky and is in excellent condition.

The back of her head is marked "1986 TCFC."

Height: 8 inches (20.3 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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