Maiden FairHair Vintage Lady LovelyLocks Doll with Pixietails


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This vintage Lady LovelyLocks doll is Maiden FairHair, she's a friend of Lady Lovely Locks. She comes with her original dress, blue shoes, and three Pixietails hair clips. She has ash blonde hair and purple eyes.

Maiden FairHair's Pixietails are shaped like chipmunks. They may or may not be the ones she originally came with. One is pink with pink and yellow hair, one is purple with pink, purple and blue hair, and one is blue with blue and yellow hair.

Maiden FairHair and her Pixietails are in very nice condition except that her legs have gotten sticky with age. This is a common problem for these dolls. The stickiness tends to collect lint and dust, as shown in the last photo, but won't show when she's on display. One leg seems to be a little shorter than the other, so she has difficulty standing on her own unless propped up just right.

The back of her head is marked "1986 TCFC."

Height: 8 inches (20.3 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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