Hot Looks Zizi Vintage Mattel 18" Cloth Poseable Doll with Clothes

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

$40.00 USD 


This vintage 1986 Mattel fashion doll is Zizi from the Hot Looks doll line. She's a black doll with brown eyes and black hair. She wears white earrings, hot pink pants, a baggy purple tee with a tiger on it, and a hot pink shirt or coat. Underneath her clothes she wears a yellow bikini that's sewn right on to her cloth body.

The Hot Looks dolls were made in 1986 by Mattel and featured dolls with hard plastic heads, rooted hair, and poseable cloth bodies. Each character was from a different country and had her own personality and fashion style. Zizi is from Kenya and loves dancing. There were Hot Looks fashions so the dolls could change outfits.

Zizi's hair has lost some of the original curl, but is still smooth and free of tangles. Her bangs stick up a little, this could be fixed or left as-is for that great 80s high bangs look.

Zizi's t-shirt is not the one she originally came with, but it was sold in a separate set of fashions for her and matches the rest of her outfit well. Her earrings originally had dangly attachments, but those pieces are missing.

Overall she's very clean and in good vintage condition.

Her tag reads "Mattel Inc., 1986."

Height: 18 inches (46 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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