Firefly Pegasus My Little Pony Vintage G1


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Firefly, she's a pink pegasus with a blue mane and tail and blue eyes. Her symbol is two glittery blue lightning bolts. Firefly first appeared in Year 2 of the My Little Pony line.

Her symbols show some light wear, but most of the glitter is still intact. She has a few blue spots on her face and neck, but they're very small. Overall her body is in nice condition except for a scuff on the bottom of her hoof, as shown in the photos.

Her mane and tail are both very smooth and shiny, but may have had a trim. A few pieces of her mane are longer than others, so these could be trimmed shorter so it's less noticeable.

The bottom of her foot is marked "83 Hasbro." 

 Condition: Used, vintage

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