Year 9 (1990-1991) Ponies

Year 9 Ponies are My Little Pony toys that were released in the ninth year of G1 production, which was 1990-1991.

New variations for Year 9 include Baby Ballerina Ponies, Baby Rainbow Ponies, Glow 'n Show Ponies, Precious Pocket Ponies, Pretty Ponies, Rockin' Beat Ponies, Secret Surprise Ponies, and Teeny Tiny Ponies.

The Li'l Litters and Nursery Families were also a new addition. These were families of non-pony pets that included variations of My Little Bunny, My Little Kitty, and My Little Puppy.  

Firefly also returned to the line in Year 9, this type with a darker hair and body color, a different pose, and a VHS movie called Firefly's Adventure. A third set of Princess Ponies was also released.

A new playset for Year 10 was a second edition of the Show Stable. Although the box shows a picture of the original Show Stable, this second edition is often called Home Sweet Home by collectors since the sticker on the front of the stable says "Home Sweet Home" instead of "Show Stable."

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