Rainbow Pony Collection 35th Anniversary 2018 My Little Pony Scented Ponies Set of 5 Classic Toys

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This rare My Little Pony boxed set is the 35th Anniversary Rainbow Pony Collection from 2018. It includes 5 Classic Reissue ponies to celebrate 35 years since the release of the original Rainbow Ponies in Year 2 of the My Little Pony line. The set includes Moonstone, Starshine, Parasol, Skydancer, and Windy.

Although the original Rainbow Ponies were not scented, each of the ponies in this set has its own scent. There are 5 heart-shaped holes on the front of the box so you can smell the ponies through the plastic. 

Each pony comes with a hair ribbon and there's one purple shooting star brush for all the ponies to share. Also included is a large puffy sticker that shows six ponies: Starshine, Sunlight, Skydancer, Moonstone, Parasol, and Windy. Although Sunlight is shown, she is not included in this set, but there is a 35th Anniversary edition Sunlight sold separately.

The back of the box has classic My Little Pony artwork and has the following message in both English and French:

My Little Pony is celebrating 35 years of friendship and magical adventures with these authentic replicas from the 1980's. The rainbow ponies are loved and sought after for their sparkling cutie marks and rainbow-colored hair, making them the perfect addition to any collection for fans of all ages.

It also lists each pony's scent as follows:

Starshine: vanilla
Moonstone: raspberry
Parasol: strawberry
Windy: cherry
Skydancer: apricot

The boxed set has more shelf wear than usual, as shown in the photos. The shelf wear includes dented corners, tears in the cardboard, and scuffs and cracks in the plastic.

Due to the oversized packaging, additional shipping charges are applied for orders shipped outside the US. 

Please note: For the Classic Reissue Ponies, the manufacturer did not use glue to attach the pony's head to its body. This is likely a design choice - many of the issues with G1 pony deterioration are due to their heads being glued on, and collectors often remove their heads to make repairs and customizations. This also allows the pony's head to turn. But without glue, some ponies have a visible gap between the head and body and it's possible that the head may fall off easily.

This item is sold sealed in its original packaging, so there's no way for us to check whether the pony has a tight or loose neck joint. If you plan to open the packaging and remove the ponies, please be aware that you may wish to use glue to seal the head and neck joint if your pony's head is not firmly attached. 

Condition: New Old Stock (NOS)

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