Molly & Baby Sundance

Molly and Baby Sundance My Little PonyMolly and Baby Sundance were released in Year 4 of the My Little Pony line. The set included a Beddy Bye Eyes Pony, Baby Sundance, and her human friend, Molly.

Molly was the little sister of Megan, the human friend released in Year 3. Baby Sundance was the baby of the adult Sundance, which was Megan's pony.

Molly had blue eyes and long blonde hair pulled into pigtails. Her pigtails were tied with pink ribbons. She wore a pink dress with pink and white trim, tights with pastel stripes, and white shoes.

Baby Sundance was white with pink hair and blue eyes that closed when she laid down. Her symbol was four pink hearts with dots, just like the adult Sundance. She came with a velvety pink bridle.

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