Grey Rabbit Family from Forest Families, Cuddly Cuzzins or Peach Fuzz Village


$27.00 USD 


This vintage set of flocked animal toys includes a family of three grey bunny rabbits, a mom and her two children. This exact set of toys was sold under three different names - Cuddly Cuzzins, Forest Families, and Peach Fuzz Village. Without the original packaging, there's no way to tell which line this set was originally sold under.

The bunny rabbit figures have cheerful faces with upturned noses and slightly open mouths. The mother's arms and legs are poseable, but the boy and girl rabbits do not have jointed arms and legs.

The mother wears a pink dress with white polka dots and has a white ribbon that ties behind her neck. The girl wears a red and white dress with red straps and the boy wears a blue shirt with white polka dots and red pants.

All of the figures show some light wear and have some flocking rubbed off on their ears, hands, and feet.

Condition: Used, vintage

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