Forest Families

Forest FamiliesForest Families were flocked animal toys sold in the US and Europe during the 1980s and were available in a wider variety of animal types than the popular Sylvanian Families line. Sylvanian Families figures included mostly woodland critters like bunnies, squirrels, bears, hedgehogs, etc. Despite the name, the Forest Families line included a wider variety of animals and included many not found in the forest - alligators, monkeys, elephants, tigers, bulls, horses, and many more.

In addition to the Forest Families line with boxes marked "MC Toy" and "May Cheong Toy Products," some identical figures were also sold in the US under the names Cuddly Cuzzins by Butterfly Originals / Panosh and Peach Fuzz Village by Mel Appel. The figures in each line are identical and even have the same clothes, the only difference is the packaging. Without the original packaging, there's no way to tell which toy line it was originally sold under. It's unclear how many animal types were sold under these other names. It may have only been bunny rabbits, bears, pigs and mice.

Some Forest Families toys were also sold in the Bear Family / Familie Bär / Bärenwald / Baerenwald line by Simba Toys.

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