Baby Sweet Stuff Peek-A-Boo First Tooth G1 My Little Pony


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This My Little Pony is Baby Sweet Stuff, she's one of the Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies from Year 6

Baby Sweet Stuff is a pink earth pony with blue eyes and dark pink hair. Her symbol is a doll dressed in blue. As a Peek-A-Boo Baby pony, her neck  is slightly longer than the other baby ponies and is ball jointed so she can turn her head and raise it up and down. 

Baby Sweet Stuff is also a First Tooth Baby Pony and has a cute little tooth sticking out of her mouth.

Baby Sweet Stuff is in very good vintage condition except for a faint brown spot and a few light purple marks on her non display side, as shown in the photos.

The bottom of her foot is marked "87 Hasbro Inc."

 Condition: Used, vintage

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