Baby Glory My Little Pony G1 Unicorn


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This vintage My Little Pony is Baby Glory, she's a white unicorn with a purple tail and a blue and purple mane. She has blue eyes and her symbol is a glittery shooting star. Baby Glory has pastel colored hair instead of the brightly colored hair of the adult Glory.

Baby Glory was released in Year 3 in the first line of baby ponies.

Baby Glory's hair is smooth and free from tangles, although her mane may have been trimmed as a few pieces seem longer than the rest. It's common for these white ponies to age to yellow, but she's still nice and white except for a small brown spot where her head meets her body. This is covered by her mane.

Her symbols still have the glitter intact and they're nice and bright. She comes with two of her accessories, a baby block necklace and the main piece from the stacking toy. The stacking rings have gone missing and are not included. The necklace shows some wear and seems to be upside down when you put it on her, as shown in the last photo.

The bottom of her foot is marked "1984 Hasbro."

Condition: Used, vintage

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