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How To Care for a Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus plant

October is the right time to start preparing your Christmas cactus to bloom in December. The right amount of water, light, and darkness now will make a difference in whether or not your plant blooms.

Pressed Flower Crafts

Pressing flowers makes a great way to preserve them to use in jewelry, as embellishments for handmade cards, or for framing. Collect flowers from your garden or a sentimental bouquet and place in a flower press, or use plain paper and thick books.

Pink Lemonade, Retro Style

Pink Lemonade in Vintage Spaghetti TumblersSomehow pink lemonade just tastes better when served up retro style! These vintage spaghetti tumblers have a rubberized coating to prevent them from forming condensation and are great for summer drinks.

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