Wildwood Brown Rabbit Family Vintage Sylvanian Families Bunnies


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This vintage set of Sylvanian Families includes four members of the Wildwood Brown Rabbit Family. There's the mom and dad, Ginger and Herb, little sister Hollie, and little brother Rusty. The bunny rabbits have dark brown flocking and are wearing clothes.

All of the figures have poseable arms and legs.

Mother Ginger's tail has disintegrated, so just a little bit of fuzz remains. The seam is also coming loose on the front of her apron. Rusty has a bit of flocking rubbed off his nose and one of the ribbons on Hollie's dress has disintegrated. One of the pearls is also coming loose on the front of her dress.

Two of the the bunnies have gold foil stickers on the bottoms of their feet that are marked "1985 Epoch Taiwan."

These would be fun for your collection, and there were many more available for this family!

Condition: Used, vintage

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