Sylvanian Families Star Performers Storytellin' Bunny Lip Syncing Toy


$45.00 USD 


This vintage Sylvanian Families toy is the Star Performers Storytellin' Bunny, just add batteries and her mouth moves to "lip sync" to music or sound. Her ears also wiggle. The Star Performers were originally sold with a cassette tape with a story on it, but that's not included.

The bunny has gray flocking, just like the smaller Sylvanian Families toys, but is much larger in size. She wears a calico dress with a Sylvanian Families patch on the front. There's a compartment on her back that takes two AA batteries and there's also an On/Off switch.

Please note that the bunny doesn't play any music or talk, she just moves her mouth in response to sounds such as voices, music, or the radio. The sound needs to be close to the sensor on her tummy in order for her to respond.

The bunny's arms and legs are poseable, but they don't move on their own. Only her ears and mouth respond to sound.

The bunny shows some wear and is missing the back of the battery case area, but still works without it.

A tag on the side of the bunny is marked "Tomy," the bunny also says "Tomy" on the bottom of its foot.

Batteries are not included.

Height: 8 inches (20.3 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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