Sugar Apple My Little Pony Vintage G1 Candy Cane Ponies


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Sugar Apple, she's one of the Candy Cane Ponies from Year 7. Sugar Apple is a blue pegasus with a candy-cane striped pink and white ringlet curls in her mane and tail. Sugar Apple's symbol is two pink and yellow candy apples.

The plastic on her head has yellowed to a slightly different shade than her body, and she has an indentation and mark on her chest, all as shown in the 4th photo. There are also some pink pen marks and stains around her lipline and on her cheek, as shown in the last photo. She also has some scratches in her cheek blush.

Sugar Apple's mane and tail have been carefully restored to tight, corkscrew curls so she looks lovely on display.

Condition: Used, vintage

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