Strawberry Swirl G3 My Little Pony Glitter Celebration Ponies - New In Box


$35.00 USD 


This My Little Pony is Strawberry Swirl, she's from the second set of Glitter Celebration Ponies from Year 1 of the G3 line. She's still sealed in her original box. Strawberry Swirl has a white body and pink hair with iridescent tinsel. Her eyes are light and dark purple with a light green heart and her cutie mark is two pink strawberries and three red swirls. She has a red hoof heart on her front left hoof and a magnet on the bottom of that hoof.

Her box is in poor condition with lots of dents on the bottom cardboard piece. It may have been opened, as it has packing tape wrapped around it. She's in mint condition inside the box and her mane is still sewed to the plastic backing. She comes with a white brush and a My Little Pony booklet.

The back of the box says:

More than anything else in the world, STRAWBERRY SWIRL loves to play hostess! She has a party at her house every day, and always dresses up for the event with beautiful jewels and ribbons!

* Bake a cocoa-mallow-butter-fudge pie
* Write letters to faraway friends
* Have a tea party with my friend Rainbow Dash

The bottom of the box is marked "2003 Hasbro."

Condition: New Old Stock (NOS), vintage

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