So Soft Cupcake My Little Pony Vintage G1


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Cupcake, she's one of the So Soft Ponies from Year 4 and has flocking all over her body. 

Cupcake may have originally been white, she now has an off-white or almost light yellow color to her, although her coloring has aged evenly. She has aqua blue hair, purple eyes, and 5 cupcakes for her symbol.

Cupcake's flocking is mostly intact except for a few places on the top of her ears, near her neck, and a few little nicks here and there. There's also a spot on her display side symbol where the flocking is a little matted down, as shown in the 4th photo, probably from being stored next to another pony.

She does have some little black spots on her display side, as shown in the photos. They're under her mane, on her shoulder, body, and front leg. A close-up is shown in the last photo. The spots are tiny and seem to be on the surface. 

Her mane and tail are both nice and smooth.

Condition: Used, vintage

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