Snuzzle My Little Pony 1984 McDonald's Bookmark


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony bookmark features Snuzzle. The My Little Pony bookmarks were originally available in 1984 as Happy Meal toys from McDonald's.

The bookmark functions more as a paperclip. It has a clip at the top that can attach to paper or a book, but the pony itself is three-dimensional so it wouldn't fit inside a book.

The pony is flat on the bottom, so it can stand up by itself to be displayed. The pony was made using the same mold Hasbro used for the Charmkins My Pony Pixie and later the Mommy Charms.

The bookmark has a few scuffs and there's a chip on the back of Snuzzle's front hooves, as shown in the photos. The bookmark is otherwise in good vintage condition.

The back of the bookmark is marked "1984 Hasbro."

Condition: Used, vintage

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