Slydale Fox Family Vintage Sylvanian Families Foxes


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This vintage set of Sylvanian Families includes five members of the Slydale Fox Family. There's the mom and dad, Velvette and Slick, son Buster and daughter Scarlett, and baby Skitter or Lindy Slydale. The foxes have golden brown flocking and all except the baby are wearing clothes.

All of the figures have poseable arms and legs except for the baby, the baby's arms and legs don't move but the head moves from side to side.

The figures show some light wear. The parents have some flocking rubbed off their noses and the stitching in Velvette's apron is coming undone. Scarlett's dress is missing its straps. Most of the flocking has worn off the baby figure, as shown in the photos.

Condition: Used, vintage

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