Seawinkle Sea Pony My Little Pony with Pink Clamshell Stand


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony Sea Pony is Seawinkle, she's blue with a purple mane and has blue eyes. She comes with her original pink clamshell stand.

Seawinkle was released in the first line of Sea Ponies in Year 2

The Sea Ponies were weighted on the bottom so they could float in the bathtub and also had a hole behind one ear so the water could drain out. But they often built up mildew inside and there's some brown residue inside her neck joint and her head turns.

Seawinkle has some surface dirt and some of the paint on her fins is worn off. There are some white paint scuffs on her belly and side, as shown in the photos. There's also a rattling sound when you shake her, although the bottom still seems to be weighted. There's no visible rust coming through, which is a common problem for these ponies.

Her hair is smooth and tangle-free, but the ends are a little frizzy.

The bottom is marked "84 Hasbro."

Used, vintage

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