Saint Lucia's Day Outfit for Blythe with Gown, Sash, Crown of Candles & Lussekatter

Brown Eyed Rose

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This handmade Saint Lucia's Day outfit for Blythe includes a white gown with a red sash and a crown of candles. To complete the festive ensemble, there's also a miniature plate of Lussekatter (saffron buns), a candle she can hold in her hand, and red bow barrettes for her hair.

The celebration of Saint Lucia's Day (also called St. Lucy's Day) takes place on December 13th in Sweden and other countries to honor the martyr Saint Lucia. December 13th was also the Winter Solstice in the days of the old Julian calendar, so the feast and celebration brought light to the darkest day of the year.

The gown is made of white cotton with a high collar and lace trim on the sleeves and hem. The crown of candles is a wreath with six white candles that glitter with sparkling light. Each candle is tied with a red bow.

The accessories include a small white plate with 4 miniature hand sculpted polymer clay Lussekatter saffron buns. The buns are not attached to the plate, so they can be removed for play. A lit candle that fits in Blythe's hand adds a bit of extra light for the dark winter days.

This outfit looks charming on display for the holidays, but the red sash is not attached to the gown so the gown can be worn separately as a nightgown or an old-fashioned chemise at other times of the year.

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