Razzaroo G3 My Little Pony from Birthday Celebration Playset


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This My Little Pony is Razzaroo from Year 1 of the G3 line. She's a playset pony that originally came with the Birthday Celebration playset. Razzaroo has a pearlescent purple body and her hair is white, aqua blue, and pale pink. Her eyes are aqua blue with a pink heart and her symbol is a birthday present wrapped with a bow. She has an aqua blue hoof heart on her front left hoof and a magnet on the bottom of that hoof.

Razzaroo's hair is in poor condition, it's very frizzy and the pale pink strands (often called 'fading pink' by collectors due to its tendency to fade) has faded to white in most areas. She also has some scuffs and marks on her body in various places, including a scuff in her eye paint on her display side, marks on her face and body, and paint worn off her hoof heart.

The bottom of her foot is marked "2002 Hasbro Inc."

Condition: Used, vintage

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