Posey My Little Pony Vintage G1


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Posey, she's a yellow earth pony that was released in Year 3 of the My Little Pony line. Her hair is pale pink, her eyes are green, and her symbol is 6 pink tulips with green leaves and stems. She comes with her original blue butterfly brush.

Posey stands in the pose named after her, walking with her front right leg slightly lifted and her head up.

The light pink color of Posey's hair is prone to fading with age, so hers is a much paler pink than it was originally. Her mane and tail are smooth and free of tangles.

Her body has some indentations near her chest and near her bottom, perhaps from being stored in a box with other ponies pressing against her.

She also has lots of marks on her body, there are some light brown spots on her front leg, as shown in the 3rd photo, some darker spots on her back legs and bottom and on the insides of her back legs, as shown in the last two photos. There's also a spot on her neck, as shown in the 2nd photo.

Two of the flowers of her symbol on her non-display side are slightly rubbed off and faded.

The bottoms of her feet are marked "84 Hasbro, Hong Kong."

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Condition: Used, vintage

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