Poochie Shrinkie Dinks Vintage Shrink Art Set


$35.00 USD 


This vintage Poochie Shrinky Dinks Collector Set includes five fun designs to color and shrink. The set comes with its original box, but the box has been opened and some of the pieces have been used. 

The set originally came with eight designs, but only five are left. They include:

Poochie with a mirror and comb
Poochie with a bird in a birdbath
Poochie with flowers 
Poochie waving
Poochie writing a letter

The set includes three colored pencils (white, yellow and blue) but any colored pencils will work. Permanent marker will also work. It also includes small plastic stands so you can display the designs after shrinking. 

The original instruction booklet is included, but part of it has been cut out. The sides of the box are crushed and the box shows lots of wear.

The back of the box is marked "Mattel, Inc. 1983." 

Condition: Used, vintage

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