Poochie Puffy Stickers - Vintage 1983 Say It With Stickers


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This sheet of vintage Poochie for Girls stickers includes 6 unused puffy stickers, each featuring Poochie with a different expression. The top of the card says "Say It With Stickers - Poochie stickers help you say how you feel in a special way."

Three of the stickers are missing, but the ones left have the following sayings:

Excellent - (Poochie on roller skates)
Sorry - (Poochie holding her paws up to her face)
Keep Smiling - (Poochie with flowers)
I Like You - (Poochie looking up)
No Way - (Poochie with her arms crossed)
Oops - (Poochie with a surprised expression)

The stickers are still attached to the sheet, but it's common for the adhesive on vintage stickers to dry up over time, so they may not stick if removed from the sheet. The cardboard at the top is bent just above where the sticker sheet is attached.

The back of the sticker sheet is dated 1983. 

Condition: Used, vintage

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