Poochie Clipboard from Note Writer Stationery Set


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This vintage Poochie clipboard is made of pink plastic and originally came with the Note Writer stationery set. The clip piece is white and has the Poochie logo and Poochie's face. There's a spot on the right side to hold a small pencil.

The Note Writer set originally came with Poochie stationery and a pencil, but that is not included. Small notepaper cut to size could be used instead. 

The pencil slot is not big enough to hold a standard pencil, only a narrower pencil would fit.

The pink plastic shows some yellowing from age, but the clipboard is otherwise in good condition.

The clip is marked "M.I. 1982." 

Length: 4 1/2 inches (11.4 cm) 
Width: 3 1/8 inches (7.9 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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