Nastina Spider Doll Rose Petal Place Black Widow Villain


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This vintage doll is Nastina, she's the villain black widow spider of Rose Petal Place. She's made of black plastic with 8 poseable arms and legs, a creepy blue face with large red lips and little fangs, and pointy ears.

She wears a shimmery purple skirt and has a pink cape, which is shown backwards in the photos. The bodice of her dress is purple plastic.

Nastina has a hook on her back so she can hang from a piece of elastic and bob up and down like a real spider hanging from a web, the elastic is no longer attached. She also has a button on her bottom, when pressed the front of her body bows down.

Nastina shows some wear, the purple fabric of her skirt has some of the finish rubbed off and she has some brown spots on the plastic on her face (just adds to her already-creepy look!)

The bottom of the spider is marked "David Kirschner Products 1984."

Height: 7 1/2 inches (19.1 cm)

Condition: Used, vintage

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