My Little Pony G3 Valentines Unused Valentine's Day 2004


$8.00 USD 


This My Little Pony valentine set includes two valentines from Valentine's Day 2004. The valentines feature G3 ponies Pinkie Pie, Sweetberry, and Sparkleworks. The valentines are unused and are still attached to each other.

One of the valentines features Sparkleworks in a heart and says "You are sweet!" The other one features Sweetberry and Pinkie Pie and says "Forever Friends." The valentines are perforated in the middle and can be torn apart. They also have scored lines where they can be folded in half. 

The back of each valentine has a heart that says "To" and "From" and has space to write names. 

The valentines are dated 2004.

Condition: New Old Stock (NOS), vintage

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