My Heartthrob Box Vintage Poochie Stationery Set


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This vintage Poochie set is the My Heartthrob Box. Included in the box is a pink heart-shaped case, an ink stamp, a pencil, heart-shaped picture frame with two stickers, two envelopes, two pieces of heart-shaped paper, and Poochie's My Heartthrob Book.

The front of the box has artwork with Poochie next to a tree with her name carved on it and a question mark for the name of her heartthrob.

Poochie's My Heartthrob Book has pages to write the name of your heartthrob, his favorite activities, what things you like about him, etc. The pages are repeated multiple times so you can keep track of multiple crushes.The first page has faint pencil writing on it.

The ink stamp has text that says "I love you." The ink pad sponge has long since disintegrated due to age and has been cleaned out. The stamp could be used with any other ink pad.

The picture frame is heart-shaped and has a Poochie sticker inside. There's also a separate sticker. 

The Poochie pencil is mostly used and one of Poochie's ears is broken off.

The envelopes are marked "M.I. 1983." 

Condition: Used, vintage

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