Molly & Baby Sundance My Little Pony Vintage G1 Set


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony set from in Year 4 is Molly and Baby Sundance. It includes a white pony, Baby Sundance, and her human friend Molly.

Molly is the little sister of Megan, and Baby Sundance is the baby pony of the adult Sundance.

Baby Sundance has pink hair and has a symbol with pink hearts and dots in a circle. She's a Beddy Bye Eyes Pony, so her eyes close when you lay her down.

Molly has blue eyes and long blonde hair pulled into pigtails. Her pigtails are tied with the original pink ribbons. She wears a pink dress with white trim and tights with pastel stripes. She's missing her white shoes.

Baby Sundance has some rust on her eyes (more on her non-display side eye) and a pink mark on the bottom of her foot, as shown in the photos. Her hair is a little frizzy on the ends.

There's a stain on the right sleeve of Molly's dress, as shown in the last photo, but she's otherwise in excellent vintage condition and her hair is smooth and silky.

Baby Sundance is marked "'86 Hasbro Bradley" on the bottom of her foot.

Condition: Used, vintage

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