Marjolein Bastin Watering Can Pin & Miniature Plastic Card

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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This vintage pin and card set from Hallmark features the artwork of Marjolein Bastin. It includes a small pewter pin shaped like a watering can and a small plastic card with an illustration of a watering can in a field of wildflowers. There's a bird perched on the handle of the watering can and butterflies flitting around the flowers. The pin and card are still attached to the original backcard.

The pin is made of pewter or a similar silver metal and is shaped like a watering can with a butterfly on the front. It has the initials "MB" on the front and is signed "© BASTIN" on the back.

The plastic card is similiar in size to a credit card or ID card but is made of slightly thinner plastic. It's a single piece of plastic and does not open. 

The front of the card reads "Each day is a gift with so many new things to discover." The back reads "Today discover the beauty of a bird's song, the sunlight on your face, of flowers in bloom. Open your eyes and heart to all nature can offer. For each day is a gift wrapped in wonder." and has Marjolein Bastin's signature.

The set is new, but is not in giftable condition. The backcard has lots of bends and creases, as shown in the photos. The white parts of the plastic card have yellowed with age, this is caused by exposure to sunlight. The parts that are still covered by the backcard tabs are the original color. There's also some sticker residue on the back of the backcard.

The pin itself is in excellent condition.

Pin size: 7/8 x 1 in. (2.2 x 2.5 cm)
Card size: 3 3/8 x 2 1/16 in. (8.6 x 5.2 cm)
Condition: New Old Stock (NOS), vintage

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