Little Twin Stars Journal, Diary or Lined Notebook


$45.00 USD 


This vintage Little Twin Stars journal, diary, or lined notebook by Sanrio is light blue with pages lined in white. The front and back of the journal slide into a plastic cover that has the Little Twin Stars logo on the front and a picture of Kiki and Lala reading a book.

The front of the journal itself shows a bedroom with a bookshelf and a clock on the wall. The plastic cover shows a scooter and a box full of stars. This gives the scene a 3D effect.

There's also a 3D circle on the front that shows Kiki and Lala sitting on a cloud reading a book. The circle has scalloped edges and a piece of white foam inside, so it's raised up from the rest of the journal.

The inside pages have a star-shaped window in the upper right corner and an image of Kiki and Lala reading books in the lower left corner. Some of the pages have been torn out of the front, as shown in the pictures. The remaining pages are unused, there are 62 pages left.

The back of the journal shows a room with a window, flower pots, and a picture on the wall. The image on the plastic cover shows a chair and a table with two tea cups and a spoon on top.

Aside from the missing pages, the journal is in good condition.

The back has the Sanrio logo and the copyright year of 1976, but does not list the year the journal was made. 

Length: 6 1/2 inches (16.5 cm)
Width: 5 5/8 inches (14.3 cm)
Thickness: just over 1/4  inch (6 mm)

Condition: Used

©1976 SANRIO CO., LTD.

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