Little Twin Stars 1985 Drawer Trinket Box - "Ride a magic star but don't go too far"


$125.00 USD 


This vintage Little Twin Stars trinket box by Sanrio is pink with two white pull-out drawers on the front. The front of one drawer has a quote: "Ride a magic star but don't go too far." It's perfect for storing jewelry, office supplies, or other small trinkets.

The top of the box shows Kiki and Lala - Kiki is sitting on a cloud harnessed to a star and Lala is sitting on top of the star waving a magic wand. There are pastel stars all around the design and "Little Twin Stars" is written in white cursive writing.

The white drawers show scenes with pastel houses and trees. The quote is written in blue. It's common for white plastic to turn yellow with age, so it's rare to find this box with the drawers still white.

The box shows some light wear due to age, but is overall in very good condition. 

The box is dated 1985 on the front and the back has the Sanrio logo.

Height: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
Length: 4 1/4 inches (10.8 cm)
Width: 4 1/4 inches (10.8 cm)

Condition: Used, vintage

©1976 SANRIO CO., LTD.

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