Happiness is Everywhere Vintage 1967 Hallmark Mini Book

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

$15.00 USD 


This vintage mini book by Hallmark is called Happiness is Everywhere - Finding the Hidden Joys in Life. It was written in 1967 by Dean Walley and features illustrations by Alice Ann Biggerstaff.

The book's dust jacket shows lots of wear, there are scrapes in the paper and some tears along the binding, as shown in the photos.

The front and back of the book shows wear under the dust jacket as well, but the pages are in good condition and feature charming illustrations of children playing and having fun.

The summary of the book on the dust jacket reads:

"Happiness! It's a magic word for a magic mood...a mood everyone cherishes and enjoys. This little book holds a big secret about that wonderful mood: happiness is everywhere! And within these colorful pages, children and grown-ups alike will discover just where that everywhere is. 

Simple moments, simple places, simple acts of kindness and love. In such inspiring settings as these, happiness begins. Sometimes it's part of a dream that comes true. Or perhaps it's just doing what we like to do.

And happiness is more: it's something each of us creates, as the charming, child-like people here create it, by reaching out to friends with thoughtful consideration. 

Whether sharing a pleasure or enjoying new ways to be content alone, each reader will discover the same truth in this gentle book: happiness is everywhere...if we know where to look."

The inside of the book is marked "1967, by Hallmark Cards, Inc."

Height: 6 1/8 inches (15.6 cm)
Width: 4 1/8 inches (10.5 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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