Herself the Elf's Autumn Vintage 1983 Children's Board Book with Flaps


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This rare vintage Herself the Elf book is Herself the Elf's Autumn. It's a children's board book with charming illustrations and flaps that open. It was written by author B.C. (Bernice Chardiet) and illustrated by Robert Stuhmer.

The book is from a series of four books about the seasons. The other books in the series include Herself the Elf's Winter, Herself the Elf's Spring, and Herself the Elf's Summer.

The book shows some wear on the outside, including dents, creases, and wear on the sides of the pages. The flaps are all intact, but the one on the first page has been bent in half and has been taped to stabilize it. There's also some clear tape near the corner of the opposite flap where it seems the book may have been torn. Two of the other flaps show some wear on the cardboard where the flaps open and the last flap has a brown stain on it.

5 in. x 4 7.8 in. (12.7 x 12.4 cm)

ISBN-10: 0-590-32916-2 / 0590329162
ISBN-13: 978-0-590-32916-2 / 9780590329162

Condition: Used, vintage

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