Glamour Nails Poochie Manicure Set


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This vintage Poochie vanity set is the Glamour Nails manicure kit. Included in the kit is a pink heart-shaped box, an ink stamp, a nail brush, two sheets of nail decals or stickers, and a blue trinket box.

The front of the box has artwork with Poochie giving a manicure to a frog friend. The box opens up and the other items can be stored inside.

The trinket box is turquoise blue and features Poochie holding an ice cream cone. It's perfect for storing jewelry or small accessories.

The ink stamp has text that says "I love you." The ink pad sponge has long since disintegrated due to age and has been cleaned out. The stamp could be used with any other ink pad.

One sheet of nail decals is unused, the other has some missing and some that are bent or folded.

The box is marked "M.I. 1982." 

Condition: Used, vintage

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