Crystal Lace G3 My Little Pony Jewel Ponies with Brush


$15.00 USD 


This My Little Pony is Crystal Lace, she's one of the Jewel Ponies from Year 2 of the G3 line. Crystal Lace has a pearlescent pink body and her hair is white, pink, and purple. Her eyes are green with a pink star and her symbol is a lacy flower shape with a bright pink rhinestone jewel in the center. She has a white hoof heart with rings on her front left hoof and a magnet on the bottom of that hoof.

Some of her mane looks like it may have been trimmed a little shorter, but she's otherwise in excellent condition and comes with her original pink flower brush.

The bottom of her foot is marked "2003 Hasbro Inc."

Condition: Used, vintage

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