Charmkins Mail Order Box of Factory Sealed Charms - Brown Eyed Susan, Willie Winkle, Crocus - RARE


$75.00 USD 


These vintage Charmkins charms are a rare boxed set that was only available through mail order. There are 5 Charmkins included, some are still factory sealed and have never been opened. Although the individual pieces were sold in stores, the boxed set includes different variations for the jewelry hangers.

The set includes the following:Brown Eyed Susan on a zipper pull (store versions came with a necklace)
Crocus on a keychain (store versions came with a hair elastic)
Petal Earrings
Flower Necklace
Willie Winkle on a button hanger

Brown Eyed Susan, Crocus, and Willie Winkle are still sealed in the original plastic, as shown in the 3rd and 4th photos.

The Petal Earrings and Flower Necklace are not sealed but the flowers for the necklace are still in straight pieces and have never been attached to the necklace (they just need to be bent in half and snapped in place). Individual charms can hang from both the necklace and earrings.

The set also comes with a brochure with instructions for each piece, as shown in the last photo. The instructional brochure is yellowed from age and is dated "1983."

This is a rare find for your Charmkins collection!

Box size: 5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches (12.7 x 8.9 x 3.8 cm)
Condition: New Old Stock (NOS), vintage

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