Blue Belle 35th Anniversary My Little Pony 2018 Classic Toy

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This classic My Little Pony is the 35th Anniversary version of Blue Belle produced in 2018. She's a reproduction pony for collectors to celebrate 35 years since the release of the original Year 1 My Little Pony line and is part of the Original 1983 Collection

Blue Belle is light blue with purple hair, blue eyes, and has blue stars for her symbol. She has a white ribbon bow on her tail. The body and hair color of this 35th Anniversary edition is slightly darker and more vibrant than the original.

Blue Belle has been played with and shows some minor wear, including some marks around her hooves and a few brown spots near her symbols, as shown in the photos.

Some of the Classic Reissue Ponies have issues with loose neck joints because the manufacturer didn't always use glue to secure the pony's head to the body. However, this particular pony does have a glued neck joint, so her head is firmly attached.

We also have a Mint in Box 35th Anniversary Blue Belle available.

Condition: Used

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