Teddy Bear Story

Teddy Bear Story

Teddy Bear Story is a line of flocked animal toys made in Japan by Sekiguchi Co. Ltd. and distributed in the US by Applause. The line is one of several different lines made by Sekiguchi.

Sekiguchi figures are stamped "Sekiguchi" on the back, though it can sometimes be difficult to read through the flocking. Instead of the curved hands of many other flocked toys, Sekiguchi figures have flat hands with felt pads on their hands and feet. 

Sekiguchi also made figures under a different line called The Bear Story. The packaging was the same as Teddy Bear Story, but the characters were slightly different and their smiles were not turned upwards.

A similar line called Teddy 'N Me was also made by Sekiguchi but was distributed by Mattel.

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