Sunny Daze

Sunny Daze My Little Pony

Sunny Daze is an Earth pony that was first released in the Rainbow Celebration Ponies line in Year 1 of the G3 or Third Generation My Little Pony line. She's white with yellow, pink, orange, and purple hair and has purple eyes. Her symbol is a smiling orange and pink sun with purple clouds behind it.

Sunny Daze was available in a different pose in the second release of Rainbow Celebration Ponies. In 2004, a third pose was availableĀ in the Dress-Up Eveningwear set, which included clothes and accessories to wear to the Friendship Ball.

A fourth pose was released in 2006 with the Pony and Me set, which included a child-size purse, and a fifth version in 2007 from the Favorite Friends line included only a pair of sunglasses as an accessory.

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