So Soft Ponies

So Soft Ponies My Little Pony toysSo Soft Ponies first appeared in Year 4 in the My Little Pony line and were covered with soft, fuzzy flocking. The packaging described them as "A beautiful pony that's soft and furry all over."

Some ponies appeared exclusively in the So Soft line, while others were also released in other variations without the flocking.

So Soft Ponies were only made as adult ponies, although some of them had baby ponies released in the First Tooth Baby Pony line. These baby ponies did not have So Soft flocking like their mothers.

Some common problems for these vintage ponies is yellowing of the glue used to attach the flocking and worn-off flocking on hooves, ears, wings, and other areas.

Some collectors use chemicals to remove the flocking. Deflocking the ponies exposes the bright and vivid colors underneath, so deflocked ponies look great on display.

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