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The My Little Pony line included three different ponies named Sniffles.

The first Sniffles was one of the Newborn Twins Ponies released in Year 5 and came in a set with a twin named Snookums. This version of Sniffles was lavender with lavender eyes and pink hair. Her symbol was a set of pink mittens.

The second version of Sniffles was also a Newborn Twins pony and was released in Year 6 with a twin named Sticky. This version of Sniffles was pink with blue hair and purple eyes. Her symbol was a pink and purple hobby horse.

The third version of Sniffles was one of the Teeny Pony Twins released in Year 10. This set of twins had the same name as the first set of twins, Sniffles and Snookums, but were completely different ponies. This version of Sniffles was pink with white hair and blue eyes. Her symbol was an orange and purple sunflower growing out of a pot. She also had a set of dots shaped like a flower on her cheek.

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