Skywishes My Little PonySkywishes is an Earth pony that was first released in the Perfectly Pony line in Year 2 of the G3 or Third Generation My Little Pony line. Her body is pink with a shimmery finish and she has pink and purple hair. Her eyes are green with a pink circle and her symbol has a colorful kite and butterfly. In the original Perfectly Pony version, she had 6 different stripes of hair in her mane.

She was released again in 2004 as a playset pony with the Ponyville Tea Party set and the Celebration Salon Value Pack. In these versions and in all subsequent releases, she had only 4 stripes in her mane and a slightly different color and finish on her body and hoof heart.

In 2005, she was released in the Dress-Up Fun with Skywishes set and with the Butterfly Island Seaside Celebration Dress Up Set. In the Seaside Celebration version, her body was hot pink and had a matte finish. 

She was released again in 2005 as a playset pony with the Musical Wishes Jewelry Box and the Sweet Reflections Dress shop. 

In 2007, there was also a plush So-Soft Newborn version of Skywishes.

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