Rose Petal Place Jewelry

Rose Petal Place jewelry was available through a special mail order offer by sending in "petals" cut out from the packaging of select Rose Petal Place products. 

An advertising booklet that came with Rose Petal Place Products includes the following information:

Many Kenner Rose-Petal Place toys have special "petals" printed on their packages. Each petal has a number on it, showing how many points it is worth. You can receive your free gift when the total value of the "petals" you have gathered equals the number needed for each gift. We have even given you ONE FREE "Petal" to start you off.

To receive ring, gather "petals" equalling 6 points.
To receive pin, gather "petals" equalling 8 points.
To receive necklace, gather "petals" equalling 10 points.

When you have gathered enough "petals" for the gift you want, fill in the coupon and send the "petals" you have gathered to the address given on the form.

Each gold enamel jewelry item features Rose-Petal herself. The ring and pin show only her head, but the pendant necklace includes her whole body. Each piece also has a sparkly rhinestone on Rose-Petal's hat.

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