Newborn Twins Ponies - Items tagged as "White"

Newborn Twins Ponies Vintage G1 My Little Pony
The Newborn Twins were first introduced in Year 5 of the My Little Pony line and were slightly smaller than the baby ponies that had become so popular. Their legs were short and stubby and they had chubby faces and bodies. A second set of Newborn Twins was released in Year 6.

Each set included two twins with matching symbols. Some twins were nearly identical while others had different hair or body colors and were easy to tell apart. 

The newborn twins ponies came with lots of fun baby-themed toys and accessories such as rockers, diapers, bottles, nightgowns, brushes, and rattles.

In Year 7, another set of Newborn Ponies was released, but these were sold individually rather than as twins.

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