Baby Firefly My Little Pony G1 Pegasus


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This vintage My Little Pony is Baby Firefly, she's a pink pegasus with turquoise hair. She has purple eyes and her symbol is a glittery blue lightning bolt instead of the two lightning bolts of the adult Firefly. Her head is tilted upward, which gives her a sweet and innocent expression. 

Baby Firefly was released in Year 3 in the first line of baby ponies. She comes with some of her original accessories, including a blanket with blue edges and blue hearts, a baby bottle, a rattle, and a necklace.

Baby Firefly's hair is smooth and free from tangles. Her body is pretty clean except for a dark pink spot on her display-side wing, as shown in the last photo. Her non-display side wing has a few tiny black spots. The glitter on her symbol is a little worn.

There's a gap between her neck and body on her display side, but this is mostly covered up by her mane. There's also a rattling sound when you shake her, probably from her tail attachment coming loose. Her accessories show some wear, the necklace is quite faded and the bottle shows some yellowing.

Condition: Used, vintage

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