Applejack My Little Pony G3 2019 Retro Classic Reissue Toy

Basic Fun

$35.00 USD 


This retro classic My Little Pony toy is the 2019 version of Applejack. She's a reproduction pony for collectors and looks just like the Applejack released in Year 1 of the G3 line.

Applejack has a pearlescent red body, yellow and green eyes with a red apple, yellow and green hair, and an apple on a green and white gingham picnic blanket for her symbol. She has a green hoof heart on her front left foot. She comes with a green brush with a bow shape on it.

The box detail includes the G3 My Little Pony logo and graphics. The back of the box says:

My Little Pony is celebrating years of friendship and magical adventures with these authentic replicas of the third generation ponies. With long, shiny hair that you can brush, braid, and style, they look and feel just like you remember!

The large clear panel on the front lets you see the whole pony, so it's perfect for displaying in the box. 

The bottom of the box is marked "2019 Basic Fun, Inc."

Please note: For the Classic Reissue Ponies, the manufacturer didn't always use glue to attach the pony's head to its body. This is likely a design choice - many of the issues with pony deterioration are due to their heads being glued on, and collectors often remove their heads to make repairs and customizations. This also allows the pony's head to turn. But ponies without glue may have a visible gap between the head and body and it's possible that the head may fall off easily.

This item is sold sealed in its original packaging, so there's no way for us to check whether the pony's neck joint is glued or not. If you plan to open the packaging and remove the pony, please be aware that you may wish to use glue to seal the head and neck joint if your pony's head is not firmly attached. 

Condition: New Old Stock (NOS)

UPC: 885561352924

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