Majesty G1 My Little Pony Unicorn from Dream Castle Playset


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Majesty, she's a unicorn pony from Year 2 and originally came with the Dream Castle, one of the My Little Pony playsets

Majesty is white with a turquoise blue tail and a blue mane with a white streak. Her symbol is 5 glittery blue flowers and she has purple eyes. She comes with a few of her accessories, including her horseshoes, crown, and damsel hat.

Majesty is in nice condition except that her feet are a little uneven - she can stand on her own when balanced just right, but not when she's wearing her horseshoes. If you wanted to display her in them, you could use some modeling wax to prop her up.

Her body is still fairly white and shows less yellowing than is usually seen in the white ponies. She has a few faint black spots here and there on her body, including on her bent knee, on her bottom above her tail, on her front and back display-side legs, and on her head near her horn.

Her hair is smooth and has no tangles, but her tail will come out if you pull too hard when brushing. The glitter on her symbols has faded slightly, which is common for the glittery symbols. Her eye paint is good and her cheek blush is intact, although her face has some faint dirt or marks on her cheeks.

Majesty's Dream Castle accessories include 4 yellow horseshoes, a yellow tiara or crown, and a blue damsel hat. The ribbons on the hat are not the originals, but match well with her theme. The elastic on the hat has also been replaced.

The bottom of her foot is marked "83 Hasbro, Hong Kong."

Condition: Used, vintage

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